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Solar Millennium´s Worldwide Projects.

The First Parabolic Trough Power Plants in Europe

Solar Millennium has developed the Andasol power plants, the first parabolic trough power plants in Europe. They are also currently the largest solar power plants in the world. They provide environmental friendly solar power for about half a million people.

Optimized Technology for the International Market

With the Skal-ET project, a new generation of collectors has been installed in an existing parabolic trough power plant in California and tested in commercial operation - an important demonstration of Solar Millennium technology´s success.

Egypt's first modern solar thermal large-scale facility

The power plant we realized together with partners in Egypt's Kuraymat will use both solar energy and natural gas in hybrid operation. It is a reference project for the entire region and a first sign for the feasibility of the Desertec-concept. The technology for the parabolic trough solar field comes from Flagsol GmbH, Solar Millennium's subsidiary.

The Andasol Power Plants

A project description of the Andasol power plants is available for

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