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We're Developing the Future.

Solar Millennium AG is carrying out pioneering work within the renewable energy sector. Highly motivated teams work every day to achieve sustainable usage of the worldwide power supply.

Implementing Visions
Solar Millennium has made a decisive contribution to the development of the world market for solar thermal power plants. In Spain the company's pioneering work has enabled the construction of the first European parabolic trough power plants. The power plants Andasol 1 to 3 are role models for the entire solar thermal electricity generation market and constitute a milestone on the path to a solar future. Solar Millennium has also played a decisive role in the development and/or implementation of the first solar thermal power plants in Egypt and China.

Focusing on Strong Partnerships
Strong partnerships with reputable companies along the value-added chain of solar thermal power plants enable Solar Millennium's rapid market penetration and efficient, controlled growth.

Combining Economy and Ecology
Solar Millennium combines ecology and economy where they are most closely linked: solar thermal power plants make a sustainable contribution to the environmentally-friendly power production of the future while also constituting a growing world market, the basis for positive company development.

Company Profile

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