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We're Developing the Future.

Solar Millennium is carrying out ground-breaking work in the field of renewable power. As a market leader in solar thermal power plants it is Solar Millennium's intention to implement projects in the Earth's Sun Belt and to contribute to an environmentally-friendly energy mix in less sunny regions such as Central Europe through solar energy imports. Highly motivated teams are working daily on the sustainable transformation of the world wide power supply.

Putting Visions into Practice
The vision of enabling energy transformation through the construction of solar thermal power plants has been Solar Millennium's policy since the company's founding. Solar Millennium is successfully putting this vision into practice and has made a significant contribution to the development of the solar thermal power plant market worldwide.

Competitive Advantage through Ground-Breaking Work
Solar Millennium aims to play a role model function on the world market. The company's ground-breaking work in Spain has enabled the construction of the first European parabolic trough power plants. The Andasol power plants are role models for the entire solar thermal power generation market and are milestones on the path to a solar future. The Spanish projects are also the first solar thermal power plants to receive project-specific bank financing - an important condition for the efficient implementation of further projects. Solar Millennium is also playing a key role in the development and/or implementation of the first solar thermal power plants in Egypt and China and is thus playing a pioneering role in these markets as well. The experience gained from these projects puts Solar Millennium in a very strong market position.

Technology Leadership
Solar Millennium is a global leader in a key future technology: parabolic trough power plants have the potential to replace conventional power plants. The parabolic trough power plant technology has been successfully developed and optimized. Solar Millennium is building on this technological advantage with on-going investment in the further research and development of existing and new technologies and by pursuing a quality strategy in the market. By using the technological cost reduction potential, solar thermal power plants will be able to compete fully with conventional, fossil fuel power plants within a few years to cover peak and middle power loads.

Significant Earning Power at all Levels of the Value-Added Chain
Solar Millennium's integrated business model covers all of the key business sectors along the value-added chain for solar thermal power plants. These range from project development and financing, technology and power plant construction, through to the holding of shares in power plants and the operation of solar power plants. Turnover and results are thus already achieved prior to the commissioning and/or start of the construction of a power plant.

Focusing on Strong Partnerships
Strong partnerships with reputable companies along the value-added chain of solar thermal power plants enable Solar Millennium's rapid market penetration and efficient, controlled growth. Such cooperation is limited to a single business sector in each case, ensuring Solar Millennium's own independence.

Differentiated Market Processing
Solar Millennium adapts its strategies to the location countries. Our own, experienced teams of staff in the key markets work efficiently on-site with the local authorities and institutions.

Combining Economy and Ecology
Solar Millennium combines ecology and economy where they are most closely linked: solar thermal power plants make a sustainable contribution to the climate-friendly power production of the future while also constituting a growing world market, the basis for positive company development.

Positioning in Growth Markets
Solar Millennium has positioned itself successfully within the renewable energy market. With its early specialization in solar thermal power plants Solar Millennium has focused on a global growth market. With the industrialization and modernization of more and more of the world's regions, together with the on-going increase in the world's population, global energy requirements, particularly for electricity, are growing on a long term basis. Driven by on-going shortages in fossil fuels and the subsequent increases in energy prices, the demand for renewable energy is set for over-proportional growth, as well as being driven by climate protection programs.

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