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Roadmap 2050 – A Practical Guide to a Prosperous, Low-Carbon Europe.

Implementation: European Climate Foundation (ECF) in cooperation with the Imperial College London; KEMA; McKinsey & Company; Oxford Economics; Office for Metropolitan Architecture; The Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), E3G

Year: 2010

Contents: The Roadmap 2050 analyses possible pathways towards achieving a low-carbon economy in Europe while at the same time providing for energy security and stabilization of the supply.

According to the report, a transition to 100% renewable energy sources does not conflict with competitiveness in terms of costs and maintaining the same degree of reliability, provided the prerequisites are put in place by 2015, e.g. measures to provide for energy efficiency, investment in network infrastructure, continuation or even acceleration of the technological development.

European greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced by up to 80% by 2050 – this is both feasible in terms of technology and sensible in terms of economy.

For more information on the report (in English) please refer to this Link.