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Solar-thermal Power Plants – a Win-Win Situation for North Africa and Europe.

Study by: Fraunhofer ISE and Fraunhofer ISI on behalf of the World Bank

Year: 2011

Contents: The study “MENA Assessment of Local Manufacturing Potential for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)-Project" analyses industry potential of CSP technology in the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) region. The background to the study is the World Bank’s Clean Technology Fund (CTF), which aims at supporting the development of solar-thermal power plants in the MENA countries. An investment program is intended to help finance new power plants in the regions, develop a local CSP industry and attract additional investments, thus allowing the MENA countries to participate in the global expansion of renewable energies.

The success and acceptance of solar-thermal power plants in the five countries examined (Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia) strongly depends on the integration and participation of the local industry. Together with the industries in North Africa and Europe, the researchers analyzed the CSP value chain, the production processes for a solar-thermal power plant’s core components and the industry potentials in the MENA countries. An action plan to realize local production potential is shown in the form of a roadmap.

The study results indicate that the local value added for CSP plants can reach up to 60 percent on average in the MENA region. 60,000 to 80,000 new jobs, some of them highly qualified permanent positions, could be created in the MENA region by 2025. As such, the countries would benefit from the establishment of production capacities and extensive infrastructure projects in the field of renewable energies, if they make use of their regional advantages and eliminate market barriers. European plant manufacturers and component suppliers also see large growth opportunities in this market in the medium term. Europe and the MENA states can thus benefit from the enormous solar power potential in the region, where new markets are emerging for the companies on both these continents.

Further information on the study is available here.