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Importing Sunlight.

The World Energy Council has established that Europe's dependency on energy imports is set to rise from today's 50% to 70% by 2030. In order to reduce the dependency on energy imports, the achievement of a large mix of different energy forms and supplier countries as possible forms part of security and diplomatic policy. For Central Europe this includes importing solar thermal electricity from North Africa.

The Club of Rome, which attracted international public acclaim in 1972 with its report "The Limits of Growth", has since declared solar energy imports to be a key focus. In November 2007 it has published a white paper on the subject entitled "Clean Power from the Deserts" and presented its concept at the European Parliament in Brussels. More information on the white paper is available here.

An integrated electricity network is able to incorporate solar electricity, hydroelectric power, wind energy, and geothermal power, independently of the location of the power plant.