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Expansion of the Technology Portfolio.

In addition to parabolic troughs, Solar Millennium believes that of all the different solar technologies, solar towers offer the greatest potential for commercial use. Concentrating solar radiation to a single point enables this technology to reach higher temperatures and thus greater efficiency. Furthermore, components like heliostats can be prefabricated to a large extent. Uneven locations or sites on a slope that are not suitable for parabolic trough technology could thus be developed for solar tower power plants.

By establishing its own research and development department for solar tower technology in 2010, Solar Millennium AG has set a course to evaluate and utilize the opportunities inherent in this technology early on. In the medium term, the Company would thus be able to use both technologies equally for different scopes of application.

In the future, Solar Millennium also intends to apply PV in single projects in order to better utilize the potential of power plant surfaces, thus creating synergies.

The essence of the brand and the focus of activities will remain on solar-thermal power plants, in particular those based on the parabolic trough technology.

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