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Data Protection.

Collection and processing of personal data

a) Purposes

Solar Millennium will only use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • to answer your questions,
  • to send you information material,
  • to provide you with the information you wish,
  • to provide our partner companies that sell and structure investment products with information for advertising, market research and opinion research purposes. These companies are associated companies of Solar Millennium.

Anonymized data (meaning data that can no longer be traced back to your person) may also be passed on without prior notification to other third parties that are not associated with Solar Millennium at any time.

We do not store data longer than required for the intended use.

Please not that Solar Millennium is authorized to use personal data, which was not solely obtained through online data transfer, for the Company’s own advertising, market research and opinion research purposes or those of its partner companies in the extent that is legally admissible. You can object to this use of personal data. Please inform us in writing or send an email to datenschutz[at]solarmillennium.de. Upon receipt of your objection, Solar Millennium will include your address in a list of addresses that are excluded from advertising mail. As such, Solar Millennium can also prevent you from receiving unwanted information material, if the mailing is based on addresses from publically accessible data bases. This type of use is expressly admitted by the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz [Federal Data Protection Act], i.e. if the origin of the data is mentioned by the other company. You also have the option of partially objecting to the use of your data for advertising, market research and opinion research purposes.

Under certain circumstances, Solar Millennium may supplement the personal data you provided with data from other sources. These additional data help Solar Millennium to evaluate and improve its web offers and services. At the same time, Solar Millennium is thus able to investigate its users’ preferences and adjust the website and services to the latters’ specific needs.

b) Online data

This website automatically stores visitor data. Here, an indirect reference to your person cannot be excluded. These data are generated by the webserver, as is the case with visits to most other websites as well. These data include information on the web browser that was used, the visited webpages and the duration of the visit. If these data allow for an indirect reference to specific persons, we delete the information within a short time frame and at the end of the respective year the latest. Otherwise, these data are used in anonymized form to further improve our website for the benefit of its users. Solar Millennium does not require any of your personal data, if you are only visiting the website and do not wish to use any of Solar Millennium’s particular services. Therefore, you can remain largely anonymous in terms of the data protection laws when visiting our website.

Solar Millennium’s offer of information services may also involve the use of JavaScript und JAVA-Applets as well as cookies. These applications help record visitor data in order to better adjust the website content to the users’ needs (e.g. font size on the screen display) and to obtain statistical information with regard to website visits. These data are not allocated to specific users. Every user has the option to disable these functions in the settings of his browser program. In this case, you will not be able to use our services with all the functions created by cookies. Solar Millennium is authorized to create pseudonymous user profiles. You may at any time object to such pseudonymous user profiles with effect in the future.

c) Necessity of the entry of personal data

Please note that the use of certain services is only possible, if Solar Millennium collects and uses the information stated in the respective services. It is entirely your decision whether you wish to use these services and provide the required personal data. Without these data, however, Solar Millennium will in these cases not be able to provide you with the desired service.

3. Correction
Please inform Solar Millennium of any changes of your personal data (e.g. postal code, email address or mail address), so that Solar Millennium can correct and update your data.

4. Security
Solar Millennium makes considerable efforts to protect your personal data against loss, falsification or third party access. Please send sensitive personal data by mail rather than using the contact form. This also applies to any questions associated with your investment products. Please note that data transfer via email is generally not encrypted. Solar Millennium also points out that, given the current state of technology, data security cannot be completely guaranteed for data transfer via the internet. Other internet users might have the technical means to illegally interfere with network security and control the exchange of messages.

Solar Millennium’s web server is operated by a data processing company headquartered in Germany.

5. Children
Solar Millennium advises parents and any supervising persons to familiarize children with the safe and responsible use of personal data in the internet. Children may not transfer personal data to the website of Solar Millennium without their parents or supervising persons’ consent. Solar Millennium does not knowingly collect or use personal data from children. If we realize that minors personally enter personal data on our website without the respective consent, we delete the data. The same applies to data on such persons entered by third parties.

6. Statistics
Data for marketing and optimization purposes are collected and stored on this website. These data can be used to create pseudonymous user profiles. Cookies might be used to achieve this. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the cache of a website visitor’s internet browser, allowing for recognition of the internet browser. These data are not used to personally identify the visitor of the website without his explicit, separately granted, consent. Moreover, these data are not combined with personal data of the person behind the pseudonym. Users may at any time object to the collection and storage of data with effect in the future.

7. Information
If you have any questions regarding processing of your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact Solar Millennium and the appointed data protection officer in particular:

Data Protection Officer Solar Millennium AG
Nägelsbachstraße 33
91052 Erlangen, Germany
Telephone: +49 – 9131 9409-0
Telefax:     +49 – 9131 9409-111
via email, addressed directly and exclusively to the legal data protection officer:

Last amended: June 2011